high-quality lighting solutions
Audit - designing - sales - installation
Warehouses, production, stores, architectural objects
Projects in Estonia, Latvia, Finland
years on the market
The suppliers

Smelta OÜ offers useful solutions for electricity cost savings made in Europe LED lights. Already 6a. we deal with lighting audit, design, sales and installation.

Our solutions are used at different sites in Estonia, Finland and Latvia. Customers include: Premia AS, Balbiino AS, Via 3L ladu, DBT AS, Leibur AS, Tikkurila AS, Schenker AS. All of these companies have been able to reduce our electricity costs 3-8 times.

If you are interested in LED illumination - contact us. We design the lighting project for free your warehouse, shop, office, production facility or outdoor lighting with the calculating of profitability.
On this basis, We offer the most suitable option.